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  • 執筆者の写真小林大賀 Taiga Kobayashi

体で書く Writing Physically





I made a wooden sculpture for my wife's birthday. Why this has bird's form is because simply my image of her. But I still wonder why this image. Since she sings? She is a poet singing. Her poem is very far from contemporary poetry complicated, idealistic. I feel that her pieces are like blooming flowers on the land of song. She once said "I don't write with mind, I write physically". This word encourages me to use physical feeling in making image. I can not explain this feeling with any word, but I feel she has a element of fire.

One day in material shop I met with this wood piece's gaze. I immediately got image of this bird, so part of joint looks something beautiful. Soon bird's face has appeared after I sculpted bill part a little. It seems like just Fire bird with red eye.





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