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小林 大賀​  Taiga Kobayashi

Born in Sapporo, Japan

Lives & works in Sapporo


Graduated Sapporo School of The Arts Craft design course.


2007 He was carrying part of model performance and visual planning for a photographer. These are published on photo blog website "Bizarre People" 

2008 Theatre "Carnival for Saint Petero Shrine" as graduation work. (Direction, script, acting, sound composing)

2009 He started up own performance group "Maruyama Kijinkai" and staged at a-life, Mole, Akai heya in Sapporo. Solo exhibition of drawing at an art gallery Saka. 

2010 Solo and group performances in theater Aoi heya, Kaleidoscopic (Tokyo), Spiritual lounge(Sapporo).

2012 Scholarship from a cloud funding project "BADO!2012". While riding bicycle in West coast in the United States, he published CG montage series on web site.

2014 Solo exhibition "Mi Familia" at gallery OYOYO with works of his parents passed away.

2015 Participating a theatrical group performance at Necco (Sapporo). Participating to “Primitive Man Festival” organized by Shige Chan at Tsubetsu. Publishing a mini Magazine “Signe” including metaphysical essays based on his experience, and participating independent book market Never mind the book. 

2016 Coordinator work at an artist in residency program in Sapporo. While supporting he wrote more than hundred article on blog and made document videos of three invited artists as result of international open call project (interview, shooting, translation, editing)


2017 Assistant cameraman in a documentary film "AFTER THE ECHO" in Sapporo International Art Festival 2017. (Director/Felipe R. Martinez, Piano/Ryuichi Sakamoto, Installation/Yuko Mohri)

2018 On social media platform tumblr he started a round trip letter with a poet Mizuki Misumi. They everyday published an images or a poem and a video on the web site. It reached over 250 posts.

For a talk event Shame in Matera, he published a mini magazine "A portion of the providence" Poem/Mizuki Misumi, visual work and translation/Taiga Kobayashi.

Acting a protagonist in a short film "Autumn" directed by Jun Chong from Singapore. Screened at Vienna international independent film festival.

A short film "Hearing a morning" with materials from the stay in Matera with a poet Mizuki Misumi.

2019 Visual art work for a music album “Here’s To Life” by Yuka Quintet. Interview document film of artist Madhu Das (India). Short film “Corridor of the Wind”. Poetical short films collaborating with Mizuki Misumi “It is snowing……” and ”The lake of shadow” screened at Chuya Nakahara Memorial Museum. Poetical short films in writers in residency program in Novi Sad, Serbia and Pecs, Hungary “Slovoda square” screened at book store Zenit, and “Walking on the sea bottom”.

2020 Short documentary film for a residency program of Japan cultural department media art festival in Otaru. 

2007 フォトグラファー畑俊明のモデル、ビジュアルメイキングとして約2年間創作を行う。


2008 卒業制作として舞台作品「聖ペテロ神輿さま御奉納のための祭典」を上演。

2009 レトロスペース坂にて個展を開催。

2010 自身のパフォーマンスグループ「円山貴人会」を発足し、活動を開始する。a-lifeでの単独公演「七夕園遊会」、moleでのイベントへの参加の他、赤ヒ部屋(札幌)、Spiritual Lounge(札幌)、青い部屋(渋谷)カレイドスコピック(町田)などに出演。

2012 BADO!2012のクラウドファウンディングに企画を応募し、後援を得てアメリカ、バルセロナにてグラフィック作品の制作を行う。

2014 親子展「Mi Familia」をOYOYOにて開催。

2015 Necco(札幌)にてパフォーマンスイベントに参加。シゲちゃんランドにて「原人祭り」に参加。Zine「Signe」を発行し、エッセイを寄稿する。

2017 坂本龍一、カミーユ・ノーメントのライブを収録したドキュメンタリー映画「AFTER THE ECHO」の撮影にアシスタントとして参加。監督 Felippe Rodoriguez

2018 tumblrにて「往復書簡」を開設。詩人の三角みづ紀と毎日連載を行う。

Jun Chong監督の短編映像作品「秋」に出演。三角みづ紀との共同制作でZine「一端を担うものたち」を発行。短編映像作品「朝を聞く」を南イタリア、マテーラにて制作。


2019 短編映像作品「雪が降ってゐる……」、「影の湖」を中也の会大会にて上映(中原中也記念館)。短編映像「風の回廊」を制作。セルビアとハンガリーにて三角みづ紀と滞在制作を行い「スロボダ広場」、「海底を歩く」を制作。


2020 文化庁メディア芸術祭小樽展にて三角みづ紀、瀧波ユカリの滞在制作ドキュメント映像を制作。

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