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  • 執筆者の写真小林大賀 Taiga Kobayashi

映像と木 Film and Wood


Ancient Recorder





In the short film I’m making there are some things that I have been doing until now. For example play writing, direction, acting, computer effects, trance costume and so on. Wood work is one of them. I call this weird desk “Recorder of ancient age”. This desk’s function is to roll long long paper never end. Ancient poets including Homer didn’t write texts. Scheherazade in Arabian night also has never written texts in the story. I thought that it’s funny if there was recording media for ancient story teller. This might be a kind of anachronism.

Stage of the film is inside of an architecture something like temple. I’m making it as miniature with combined wood boards. I use chisels to make surface texture. It’s difficult to make smooth curving shape since surface material of boards, but this rough curving looks as rock I want it to be seen. My wife helped curving last night.

In art school I was in craft design course. After graduation I was thinking I may not have chance to do wooden craft works. But there was gap between reality and my assuming. In fact I have been doing wood work sometimes. I made wooden furniture for share house where I was staying. It was instead of staying fee. I needed to connect my unsystematic experiences and interests. Then I mixed film and wood craft.




ホドロフスキー監督の人生に現れるキーパーソンも豪華。エーリッヒ・フロム(フロイト派の後継者)、カルロス・カスタネダ、アンドレ・ブルトン、etc... 23歳で「アンドレ・ブルトンに会ってシュルレアリスムを救うんだ!」とチリから単身フランスへと渡ったホドロフスキー監督。しかし実際はアンドレ・ブルトンとは縁が薄かったようだ。パリに着いた途端、真夜中に「いまから会えないか」と恋人のような電話をして嫌がら

初めて英文の著作を読み終わった。 「サイコマジック」はホドロフスキー監督が行なっているセラピー、カウンセリング活動で、ドキュメンタリー映画としても公開されているが、地方都市に生きているため観る機会がなかった。日本語訳も出版されていないために必要に迫られての英語版だったが、かなりの飽き性を自覚しているので今度ばかりは自分を褒めたい。苦労して読んだので、ブログにまとめつつ共有しようと思い立った次第。

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