• 小林大賀 Taiga Kobayashi

心の次元 〜ある介護体験より〜 Demention of sensing



When I was working in nursing home I made portrait of people for their birthday. I kept doing while a year and made 10 portraits. Recently I got bad news that one of lady whom I drew pasted away. She was 99 years old. In the funeral her family put the portrait in the coffin. It means that the portrait burned out. But I feel that it was a role of this drawing and feel nothing for loosing. It’s one kind of honor, isn’t it?

I remember one little mysterious experience about her. That was a day I decided to leave this job and will tell it to Boss. In the morning I visited her room and measured blood pressure. She suddenly asked me “Will you leave here?” , even though normally she doesn’t talk spontaneously. I was surprised because nobody must know it except of my wife. Did she see through my mind? I think it was probably something mutual sensing. Those people who have dementia tend to lose verbal communication ability. On the contrary they use other sense more. They directly feel what workers think and feel. It’s like a skin ship of total emotion. In daily life we tend to depend on verbal communication. But it is not only one way of mutual understanding. In a way this kind of nursing home is out of daily life sense. It’s no wonder if something “trans” happen there. I glimpsed a possibility of consciousness that can over physical demention.





ホドロフスキー監督の人生に現れるキーパーソンも豪華。エーリッヒ・フロム(フロイト派の後継者)、カルロス・カスタネダ、アンドレ・ブルトン、etc... 23歳で「アンドレ・ブルトンに会ってシュルレアリスムを救うんだ!」とチリから単身フランスへと渡ったホドロフスキー監督。しかし実際はアンドレ・ブルトンとは縁が薄かったようだ。パリに着いた途端、真夜中に「いまから会えないか」と恋人のような電話をして嫌がら

「ホロドフスキーのサイコマジック」読書録 ①

初めて英文の著作を読み終わった。 「サイコマジック」はホドロフスキー監督が行なっているセラピー、カウンセリング活動で、ドキュメンタリー映画としても公開されているが、地方都市に生きているため観る機会がなかった。日本語訳も出版されていないために必要に迫られての英語版だったが、かなりの飽き性を自覚しているので今度ばかりは自分を褒めたい。苦労して読んだので、ブログにまとめつつ共有しようと思い立った次第。