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  • 執筆者の写真小林大賀 Taiga Kobayashi

ふたりのエンデ Two Endes




ミヒャエル・エンデのことを調べるなかで、父親である画家エトガー・エンデのことを知った。一般的にシュルレアリスムの画家、と定義されているようだが、ミヒャエル・エンデによる対談形式の著作「闇の考古学 画家エトガー・エンデを語る」によれば、実際にはエトガーはいつもそういった芸術運動からは距離を置いていたという。今日ではその名を知っている美術通に出会うのは稀であるほど忘れられた存在だというが、なぜだろうか。彼はドイツのその他の芸術家に漏れず退廃芸術としての弾圧を受け、戦火のうちに作品の大半(研究者によれば70%)が消失したという。

While last year I read books of Michael Ende. I will write some articles about him.

Firstly I was surprised that he talks lots of esoteric things in essays. Since before I have known that he was influenced from Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy. But he even says “Whether there is the world after death or not, this is the matter”. This word makes me feel that he is real mystic. His this perspective might not appear in his narrative works, but be as a root of his ideas. He strictly prohibited himself to explain esoteric thinking on his works and he even criticizes those general “esoteric novels”. This was one his manner of art.

From research about Ende, I knew his father, painter Edger Ende. He is generally dealt as one of Surrealism painters, but according to a dialogues with an art historian, Edger always wanted to be far from those art movements. They say that nowadays it’s very rare to meet someone who knows about Edger even among arty people. I wonder why Edger Ende is such a forgotten artist. As usual artist in the age he was not a exception to be suppressed from Nazis. During the world war second most of his works (according to art historian, 70%) have been destroyed by fire.





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