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  • 執筆者の写真小林大賀 Taiga Kobayashi

「マサカヤ亭奇譚」原画展 1






Last week I visited my professor Sumitto Mochiduki’s drawing exhibition of his novel “Masakayatei Kitan”. Now I can not see him because he pasted away four years ago, but I can touch his works and remember his words clearly through it.

It’s something strange to say “drawing exhibition of his novel”, but if you read this book you may realize what I say. These drawings are not just only “illustration” of the novel. Those are more like one part of world of the novel. Therefore I have to say “drawing exhibition of his novel”. Those integral images by novelist himself let me remember Michael End’s “Momo” and Saint-Exupery’s “Le Petit Prince”. I feel them kind of same molecular bond.

His wife told me “There is hidden gold print on the book. It’s a wish to make a book as Obje” then I opened cover. This is a book beautiful. The world inside a obje. Once Michael Ende said “People who invented Paperback must go to the Hell”. I surely think that it’s good this piece is read widely. But at the same time I think this should not be paperback. Sumitto also made CG series “Dishes which eaten with eye”. I think this novel might be called “Story which read with body”




アートのセラピー的側面の研究のために行ったインタビューシリーズ。 ※この活動はHAUS(Hokkaido Artists Union Studies)サバイバルアワードの支援を受けて行われました。 祭:祭太郎  小:小林大賀  羊:羊屋白玉 心と体の関係 小)一昨年、原因ははっきりとはわからないけど、抑うつになり。 中年の危機というものなのかなんなのか。幼児期のトラウマが、とかそういうことなのか。

アートのセラピー的側面の研究のために行ったアーティストへのインタビューシリーズ。 ※この活動はHAUS(Hokkaido Artists Union Studies)サバイバルアワードの支援を受けて行われました。 祭:祭太郎  小:小林大賀  羊:羊屋白玉 精神疾患の話 祭)気質的に作家はそういう似たところを持っていると思う。症状として捉えるか、認識しているかの問題は横に置いといて、ひとくくり

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